Nano Competition winners!

Dear participants,

Below you will find the posters which were elected as winners at APMAS 2013 Congress (24-28 April 2013 in Antalya, Turkey)

Stratis Trachanias - Greece

Furkan Satis - Turkey

Davide Cagno - Italy

Victoria T. Trendafilova - Bulgaria

Dogaru Gabriela - Romania

All posters were evaluated by a committee comprised of international group of scientists with expertise in nanotechnology. The final decision was taken by the NTSE experts considering the poster evaluation procedure. and the votes from the scientists with expertise in nanotechnology.

All winners will be awarded to take part in the International nano science camp in the city if Balchik, Bulgaria between 29th of June and 7th of July.

The winners will be contacted by e-mail for further information about the International Nano camp.

PosterPoster TitlePerson Name
Applications of nanoelectronicsStratis Trachanias
Nano for diabetes mellitusDavide Cagno
Nanotechnology used in electronic devicesVictoria T. Trendafilova
Nanotechnology in sports equipmentDogaru Gabriela